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Did you accidentally break a glass balustrade or window? If so, you’ll need to get specific size glass panels for the replacement. At Opti Glass Repairs, we provide quality glass cut to size Bankstown locals can trust. As glass repair specialists operating across Sydney, we can cut all types of glass to size for custom projects. Our team is fully licensed and insured to operate glass-cutting equipment and provide expertly cut glass for residential and commercial applications. So when you hire us for a job, you get competitively priced, professional service that complies with local safety codes.

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For years, our professional glaziers served clients throughout the City of Canterbury and nearby areas, providing cut glass for commercial and residential buildings. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery that allow us to cut laminated safety glass and other types of glass in different shapes. We can cut glass for just about any glass project, whether you want a custom glass splashback or glass panels for your doors. Whether it’s laminated glass or clear glass, each piece is cut to size and polished so that it meets your requirements.

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Planning a Custom Project? We Provide The Best Glass Cut To Size in Bankstown For Windows, Mirrors, and More!

Since we provide different types of glass cut to size, our products are great for different projects. At Opti Glass Repairs, we can supply you with cut-to-size laminated glass or safety glass for doors, tabletops, shelving, balustrades, partitions, and shower screens. Rest assured that our products meet high standards of quality, so you won’t end up with broken glass after installation.

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Need Custom Glass Cut To Size in Bankstown, NSW? We Offer Float Glass, Toughened Safety Glass, and More!

At Opti Glass Repairs, our skilled glaziers offer an impressive range of cut glass types. Here are some of the products we offer:

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two layers of glass with a PVC interlayer between them. Its durable construction means that laminated glass doesn't fall apart, even when shattered. This is preferred for areas at risk of human impact or glass falling, as it reduces the risk of sharp edges flying everywhere.

Toughened Glass

Perhaps one of the highest quality glass products available in our range, this glass type offers impressive thermal resistance compared to other types. Because of its enhanced durability, it breaks into granular pieces as opposed to jagged shards. This type is well suited for commercial spaces like shop fronts and products like a glass table.

Float Glass

Available in different levels of thickness, float glass is used for most styles of residential windows in Bankstown and nearby areas. It's also used for door panels and decorative purposes that call for clear glass.

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