We Supply Easy-to-Clean and Stylish Glass Splashbacks in Bankstown

Toughened glass splashbacks can add a modern and stylish look to your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. At Opti Glass Repairs, we’re experts at designing and installing custom glass splashbacks for residential and commercial properties in Bankstown. Based in Bankstown, we provide durable glass installations and reliable glass repair across Sydney. Besides our quality glass splashbacks, we’re dedicated to providing budget-friendly pricing, efficient project completion, and excellent customer service.

Looking For Reliable Bankstown NSW Glass Splashback Installation? We Get The Job Done

Having served the City of Canterbury for years, we have extensive experience in handling both residential and commercial projects. Our insured team of licensed professionals uses a combination of specialised equipment, the latest techniques, and the highest quality materials to provide impeccable workmanship that leaves clients satisfied. All while ensuring that our work aligns with Australian Standards. Speaking of materials: the most important aspect of a kitchen glass splashback is durability because it’s installed near a heat source, such as a gas cooktop. That’s why Opti Glass Repairs uses toughened safety glass panels to create heat resistant splashbacks.

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From Coloured Glass Splashbacks to Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in Bankstown NSW, We Do It All!

A glass splashback is more than just a functional addition to keep damp and grease off your tiles. In fact, it’s possible to create a variety of coloured glass splashbacks using Starphire glass. Also known as low iron glass, it allows unmatched light and colour transmission. It’s why the custom colours on our modern glass splashbacks won’t fade or stain, allowing them to look good as new for a long time.

Mirror splashbacks are a good choice for busy kitchens since they’re easy to maintain. Besides reducing your cleaning time, a mirrored splashback has a sleek reflective glass surface that looks great in any modern kitchen.

If you’re considering installing them in your bathrooms, you can choose between clear glass and strong colours to customise your bathroom splashbacks. Whether you prefer earthy or bright colours, our experienced team can make it happen. And if you’re considering upgrading your feature walls, adding a pop of colour with painted or printed glass splashbacks is a great idea.

Want a New Glass Splashback in Bankstown, NSW? We Offer Solutions For Residential and Commercial Applications

We start by sending over one of our experienced measurers to your property to measure the area in need of a new glass splashback. After you’ve selected your preferred style from our range of glass solutions, we give you an estimate of the cost. Once you give us a preferred date, we arrive at your house or commercial property to install your new kitchen splashback.

Thanks to years of experience in the local glass industry, we’re able to get the job done in record time. This helps cut down on downtime and allows you to get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. We also ensure a consistent and professional project management process, which includes getting your input at every stage. It’s how we ensure that the final installation matches the space.

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Not Sure? Here's Why Property Owners Need Glass Splashbacks in Bankstown

Still on the fence about installing bathroom or kitchen splashbacks? Here’s why you should consider adding these stylish glass walls to your property.

Cleanup With Minimal Fuss

A kitchen glass splashback will have a smooth and seamless surface, which allows easier cleaning compared to tile splashbacks. Thanks to our quality finish, all you'll need is a microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and moisture.

Heat Resistant Properties

Made from toughened glass, our bathroom and kitchen splashbacks offer impressive heat resistance. The toughening process involves heating float glass in a furnace so that it reaches over 600 C. Doing so improves the structural durability of the glass, making it resilient to high temperatures. That's why our toughened glass solutions are great for spaces like kitchens.

Customised Installation

With a glass splashback, you can customize the installation process so the final result is durable and aligns with your specific needs for the space. You can easily integrate your appliances and stovetop without any worries. Plus, our coloured splashbacks come in a range of shades. And since we use high-quality glass, they don't give off a green tinge.

Protects The Wall and Tiles

If your kitchen or bathroom wall has tiles, then constant exposure to moisture and dirt can lead to mold. Installing an option like a painted or printed glass splashback keeps your walls and tiles clean while adding a touch of color.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your property with a new glass splashback, we’re the ones to call. From metallic colours to captivating prints, we provide a wide variety of options to choose from. So, contact us today at Opti Glass Repairs to book a free measure for your quality glass splashback in Bankstown!

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